Emelle’s Editing Services
Personalized academic editing

Minna Hakkarainen, Department of Political and Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki

2014 Navigating between Ideas of Democracy and Gendered Local Practices in Vietnam: A Bakhtinian reading of development aid practice
(PhD Dissertation)

Marie-Louise was recommended to me by a colleague as a competent and quick English language editor. She proved very flexible and cooperative, and worked effectively within a very tight schedule. Moreover, her suggestions and comments helped me to sharpen my arguments in significant ways. Despite the physical distance between us, the entire process was very smooth. I could contact her any time by e-mail and always had a prompt reply. I can warmly recommend Marie-Louise to anybody looking for a high level academic language editor.

Elina Hankela, Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki

2013 Challenging Ubuntu: Open doors and exclusionary boundaries at the Central Methodist Mission in Johannesburg
(PhD Dissertation, Donner Institute Prize for Outstanding Research into Religion)

2014 Ubuntu, Migration and Ministry: Being Human in a Johannesburg Church. BRILL, link

Dr Marie-Louise Karttunen’s meticulous work as language editor in the thesis phase and later contribution towards editing the text for publication has been invaluable.

Martin Holbraad, Department of Anthropology, University College London

2007 Roulette Anthropology: The whole beyond holism. Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society 32(2)

I am grateful to the two anonymous readers for JFAS for their helpful suggestions, as well as to Marie-Louise Karttunen for her tireless editorial advice and support.

Lauri Jäntti, School of Theology, University of Eastern Finland

2014 Prolepticism: The Futurist Theology of Ted Peters
(PhD Dissertation)

I gladly recommend Dr Karttunen to anyone who is in need of editing an academic text. I enjoyed the co-operation and her thoroughness and commitment.

Christiane Dabdoub Nasser

2015 The Year of the Elephant.
Historical novel, forthcoming, David Paul Publishing

Mika Pantzar, National Consumer Research Centre of Finland, Adjunct Professor at the Helsinki School of Economics, Aalto University

2013. “‘What are we to do with our new affluence?’Anticipating, framing and managing the putative plenty of post-war Finland.” In Czarniawska, Barbara, and Orvar Löfgren, eds. Coping with Excess: How Organizations, Communities and Individuals Manage Overflows.
Edward Elgar Publishing.

2014.The heart of everyday analytics: emotional, material and practical extensions in the self-tracking market. Consumption Markets & Culture
(ahead-of-print): 1-18

One of Marie-Louise’s strengths lies in the help she offers in formulating appropriate scientific articulation, instead of simply language checking.

Eija M. Ranta, Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki

2014 In the Name of ‘Vivir Bien’: Indigeneity, State Formation and Politics in Evo Morales’ Bolivia
(PhD dissertation)

When you are finishing your Ph.D. dissertation, you don’t want any extra hassle! Dr Marie-Louise Karttunen’s superb work as the language editor of my thesis made the process much smoother. Even with very tight schedules, her work was of top quality and she proved to be a professional one can truly rely on. Additional editing tips that she provided due to her solid anthropological expertise and long-term experience as a journal editor were also highly useful.

Minna Ruckenstein, National Consumer Research Centre of Finland

2010 Time scales of consumption: Children, money and transactional orders. Journal of Consumer Culture 10(3)

2010 Toying with the world: Children, virtual pets and the value of mobility. Childhood 17(4)

2011 Children in Creationist Capitalism: The corporate value of sociality. Information, Communication & Society 14(7)

2013 Temporalities of addiction. In Making Sense of Consumption. Selections from the 2nd Nordic Conference on Consumer Research 2012
Göteborg: University of Gothenburg

2013 Spatial extensions of childhood: from toy worlds to online communities.Children’s Geographies 11(4)

2013 Playing Nintendogs: Desire, distributed agency and potentials of prosumption. Journal of Consumer Culture 1469540513499225

2014 Visualized and Interacted Life: Personal Analytics and Engagements with Data Doubles. Societies 4(1)

Marie-Louise and I have worked together on numerous projects that range from co-editing a volume of essays and conference organization to her attention to articles I have personally published. Her skills as a language editor are invaluable but she has also contributed to refining the arguments and the structure of the papers with which she has helped me. Collaboration has always been rewarding, smooth and very swift. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone requiring services in this field.

Diana Espirito Santo, Post-doctoral researcher, Center for Research in Anthropology, New University of Lisbon

Forthcoming, Developing the Dead: Mediumship and Selfhood in Cuban Espiritismo, University Press of Florida

I can say Marie-Louise really saved my work (by editing, re-ordering, cutting) and ensured that it was actually accepted by the publishing house. Sometimes as authors we don’t have the distance to do this ourselves. I am extremely grateful to her!

Tom Selwyn, Professor, School of Oriental and Asian Studies, London

2007 The Political Economy of Enchantment: Formations in the anthropology of tourism. Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society 32(2)

I owe a great debt of gratitude to Marie-Louise Karttunen and her team at Suomen Antropologi for the professionalism and care they have taken over the publication of the paper.

Sirpa Tenhunen, Director, Nordic Centre in India

2012 An introduction to changing India: culture, politics and development. Anthem Press.

2011 Culture, conflict, and translocal communication: mobile technology and politics in Rural West Bengal, India. Ethnos 76(3)

2008 Mobile technology in the village: ICTs, culture, and social logistics in India. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 14(3)

Marie-Louise’s thorough command of the English language combined with her understanding of academic writing style makes her a superb language editor. As an anthropologist I value her vast expertise in anthropology which makes it possible for her to grasp anthropological arguments and polish them.

Mika Vähäkangas, Professor in Mission Studies and Ecumenics, Lund University, Sweden

2013 Gender, narratives, and religious competition among the Sonjo of Tanzania. Missionalia: Southern African Journal of Mission Studies 41(1)

Babu wa Loliondo – Healing the tensions between Tanzanian worlds – under review

Marie-Louise Karttunen has provided me and several of my doctoral students language consultancy and correction services over several years. She is quick, prompt and precise and has a strong background in the humanities which clearly contributes to the quality of her work. Highly recommended.