Pricing depends on manuscript length and standard of English expression. If editorial advice is requested and considerable structural change implemented the price will rise accordingly. Regular clients know they can ask for advice on snippets of texts free of charge.

All work is edited to the standard of a fluent native English speaker with a high degree of writing competence, though I have been known to apply a quick and superficial polish – of the kind provided by most editing services – when a very swift turnaround is required for a deadline. Generally, however, I estimate pricing on the basis of the length of time it takes me to prune 1,000 words of my writers’ texts into impeccable English.

In general, advance warning will ensure that an article of approximately 10,000 words will take three days, and a PhD dissertation / thesis of 80-100,000 words approximately three weeks, allowing time for discussion and two-way revision. The time taken to edit a monograph will depend upon its length and the degree of editorial input required. It is not always necessary to book a time in advance and I will fit last-minute work into my schedule wherever possible. Unlike most editing companies, I do not charge extra for this.

Price based on word count

I charge between £20 and £40 per thousand words, depending on editorial input and the degree of difficulty of linguistic expression. The rate is established with the writer in advance, based on a sample text, and includes any follow-up service in the way of discussion, queries or small additions to the text which might be required. If a second edit is necessary after changes have been made in order to comply with peer review, rock-bottom rates apply. I have been know to offer a price reduction if financial circumstances are tight.

Personalised price quote for new clients

Please upload approximately 1,000 words of your text for editing according to my customary standards. I will then offer a quote for the manuscript as a whole while returning the submitted text in two versions: one showing all suggested revisions and comments, and a second with revisions accepted and only comments or queries remaining. This will allow you to assess the service I offer and decide whether it is appropriate to your needs.

This introductory contact is free of charge.